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(COURSE) 5 Ways To Win And Lose In This America

What You Get:

▷ 5 Ways to Win and Lose in This America
(Power & Personal Finance Course)

▷ Before You Invest (Investment Course)
▷ Financial Advice from an SEC Licensed Investment Advisor. (video)
▷ Financial Advice from a published CPA. (video)
▷ Access to abridged Nearapy™ Sessions. (video series)
▷ Call-in access to Live Show

▷ Network with like-minded people on the empowerment journey via Discord chat room.


You have been losing in this America because you’ve spent most of your life chasing a decoy, aka status and the proverbial American Dream.

**Spoiler Alert!** There is no “American Dream.”

Success and generational wealth are definitely attainable in this country, but ain’t s**t dreamy about it.


If you cannot provide specific answers to the following, you most likely need to take this course. 

For instance:

  • What exactly is your money plan?
  • What are the annual rates of return on your current investments?
  • What is your percentage allocation for every dollar you earn?
  • Are your financial goals written on paper and revisited weekly? 
  • How are you maximizing your retirement fund(s)?
  • Have you taken advantage of the recent COVID-19 tax benefits granted to the middle class and small business owners? 
  • Do you have a savings schedule and/or debt reduction schedule? 
  • How substantial is your emergency fund?


Again, if you are unable to provide specific answers to any of these questions it is most likely because your priorities, poor spending habits, emotional triggers and failure to launch are a result of a miseducation intended to keep you trapped in the poverty cycle, dependent and mired in debt for generations to come. 

You can bullshit friends and family but you can’t bullshit your bank account.  You can’t bullshit your demons. You can’t bullshit your stomach.  

Your desire to look good diminishes your chances at true wealth and eats away at your self-esteem. 

The Tijuana Jackson course will help you understand that true wealth and power begins with redistribution of your own power. 


TITLE: “5 Ways to Win and Lose in This America.”

PART ONE: Is broken into five sections. Each section explains the five decoys which have kept you and your family off target and financially strapped for generations.

You will learn how your limited understanding of economics, income categories, tax codes, true community and debt management have kept you poor and powerless in this America.

Plus, TJ explains how we blindly sabotage our financial standing because we simply don’t know how to effectively leverage our earnings.

PART TWO: Is broken into 7 sections, providing five detailed action steps you can take right now to undo your miseducation and begin winning in this America.

You will be given step-by-step instructions on how to flip the switch in your mind and decisively move towards financial independence.

  • The EBIs of Income and leveraging the tax codes.
  • Step-by-step plan to getting out of debt and living debt free.
  • Techniques for thinking like an economist.
  • Undo the conditioning binary thinking.
  • And so much more...

Part two also Includes quizzes, worksheets and interviews with licensed professionals:

  • CPAs
  • Investment Advisers
  • Finance Managers, etc.

In this course, Tijuana Jackson goes well beyond the common rhetoric and typical pundits heard throughout most of America.

This is not just about pointing out our downfalls. This course provides practical SOLUTIONS to overcoming our counterproductive habits and poor understanding of money management. 

Tijuana Jackson Academy explores practical, common sense approaches to success, purpose and true financial freedom.